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What is Caribbeancom?

Q.What is Caribbeancom?

Caribbeancom.com is a premiere adult porn site that offers viewers uncensored Japanese contents which are constantly updated.

Q.Do I need a special movie player ?

A default media player, which is initially installed on your PC, will be able to play all the videos we have. You can also use your favorite player if you have one.

Q.Why would I have to pay for porn when I can get it for free?

Getting free porn is easy but getting good quality porn that we provide will take hours of your time if you are so lucky to find any. Most porn sites only offer small video clips with bad resolution. If you search hard you can find some free movies on the net BUT they will be hosted on slow servers, be deleted within hours, be small of size, have missing scenes, have mediocre previews and you have to search for hours to find 1 quality movie. With caribbeancom.com you will access ALL high quality, full screen movies within seconds with previews on very fast servers. Movies will not be split in a gazillion pieces nor will they be deleted within hours. No more wasting time searching for those small movies for hours, we got all the best in one place for you to enjoy!

Q.Is my credit card safe?

Yes. We utilize a secure protocol for transmitting data securely over the World Wide Web together with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology on identity and billing Information.

Q.Will my membership be automatically renewed? Can I cancel my rebills?

Your membership will be automatically renewed every billing cycle. You must cancel your membership at least one day before your next billing cycle to avoid automatic recurring charges.

To cancel your membership, please access to membership cancellation form from the link below.

Cancel Membership | Confirmation

Q.Are the downloads fast & what is the limit?

For preventing data transfer speed to decrease from concentrated access to the server, and for our customer’s pleasant usage, the download limitation is restricted at 3 movies/titles per day for 30days (Regular) members, 4 movies per day for 90days (VIP) members, and 5 movies per day for 180days (SuperVIP) members. Once your daily limit has been reached, you will have to wait until 12 pm (PST) / 1 pm (PDT) to start download again.

  • Streaming will not be counted towards download count.
  • You can download as many times as you want within a same reset cycle (from 12pm to 12pm next day).
  • Even if you download files with different quality, such as 1080p or 720p, in the same title, it will be counted as 1 download.

Q.How is the quality of the videos?

  • 1080p (Full HD) = 1920×1080 @4000kbps
  • 720p (HD) = 1280×720 @1250kbps
  • 480p = 854×480 @900kbps
  • 360p = 640×360 @400kbps
  • 240p = 426×240@300kbps

Q.Privacy, Protection, and Security

All transactions with caribbeancom.com are processed in 128bit SSL encryption through DTI Services. All information passing through their systems are protected and kept secure. Caribbeancom.com does not share, sell or trade your personal information with third parties. Your data will be held in strict privacy.

I signed up, but have not received a confirmation.

You may not have sent us your correct email address. Occasionally people fail to include @yourhost.com or @yourhost.net. You need to include this information so we will have a correct address to send confirmation to.

Q.How will this charge appear on my credit card statement?

Your credit card statement is discreetly billed by DTI Services.

Q.I didn’t recieve my password for Caribbeancom Girls trial points.

The login and password for your CaribbeanCom Girls membership area is the same one as the one for your caribbeancom.com.

Q.I have a question that is not answered in this faq.

Please contact Customer Support.

Q.Where can I direct my questions concerning caribbeancom.com contents?

Please contact Customer Support.